What is beauty?

I am for sure drawn to aesthetically pleasing things, places and spaces but for me beauty is so much more about a feel. a girl could be the most beautiful person in the world but if her heart isn't kind and loving than to me she doesn't seem as beautiful. i am do drawn to beautiful spirits more than anything.

What’s the most beautiful thing in the world for you?

my friends smiles

What makes a woman beautiful?
when she has a loving and kind heart

What makes a woman unbeautiful?

oh i dont know that anyone is un beautiful. i dont love when girls are mean to each other or put other women down, that makes my heart hurt when i see that.

Do you feel beautiful? you know, as women we can be so hard on ourselves…we pick ourselves a part and scrutinize all of our faults. i use to be really hard on myself physically but a few years ago i started feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin. i feel beautiful because i feel so loved, by my friends and my family. I have a fella that tells me I'm beautiful everyday and he sees me at my worst and still finds me lovely and beautiful. That sort of unconditional love changes the way you see yourself.



What is beauty? 
Natural, untouched, it is a rawness that can not be duplicated
What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you? 
My family
What makes a women beautiful? 
Her character. Whether it's quirky or confident, soft spoken or over the top. It is what makes each female so unique to who they are.
What makes a woman un-beautiful? 
Falsity. Trying to fit in a mold of what others want/tell you to be.
Do you feel beautiful?
Yes :)



What is beauty?

Beauty to me can be absolutely anything. Either physical or mental. It all depends. I'm not sure I can really put words to it. It's a feeling.

What's the most beautiful thing in the world to you?

When i'm feeling really happy and content.

What makes a woman beautiful?

The way a woman acts is what makes her beautiful. As long as it's true.

What makes a woman unbeautiful?

Being a poser.


What is Beauty?

I don’t think beauty is in appearances; I think beauty is astate of being. It can be seen in acts of compassion, kindness andempathy towards one another. I think it can also be seen in nature.It is something that embodies life. It is living. When we are beinghuman, we are being beautiful. 

What is the most beautiful thing in the world toyou? 

My mum, my granny and my brother .

What makes a woman beautiful? 

Someone is beautiful when they display compassion, empathy and kindness. 

What makes a woman unbeautiful

someone is unbeautiful when they violate those above.

Do you feel beautiful?

I rather not answer.


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