Amlan lives in Hasansham IDP Camp. She had to flea Mosul with her family after she has been hit by a mortar while was sitting outside her home.

What is beauty?
Peace and happiness

What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?
My mom

What makes a woman beautiful?
Her confident in herself and her personality

What makes a woman unbeautiful?
Lying makes a woman unceautiful.

Do you feel beautiful?
Yes,I love the way I look, I love my features, I love everything about myself and I am satisfied with it.



Nesrin is a Syrian refugees and works in Harsham camp with an ngo (TDH)

What is beauty?
Love and compassion.

What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?
Living safely with family in a safe place.

What makes a woman beautiful?
Confidence, financial and moral independence.

What makes a woman unbeautiful?
Not knowing that she is beautiful and rudeness in dealing with others.

Do you feel beautiful?
I feel am very beautiful and I see that every morning.



Cos'è la bellezza?

It gives the meaning of vital things. It does not have a unit of measurement. Each person sees it differently, such as: fertility, health, happiness, kindness, love and awareness.

Qual'è la cosa più bella del mondo per te?

love family and friends

Cosa rende una donna bella?

I think the beauty emanating from her face and the beauty of her heart

Cosa rende una donna non bella?

When she doesn't care about opinions no matter how encouraging they are

Ti senti bella?

Yes....😊 I took beauty from my father And I'm so happy to look like my dad 🤍😄


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